Advantages Of Carpet Steam Cleaning

The Top 10 Benefits of Professionally Steam Cleaned Carpets

Advantages Of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Have you taken a good look at your carpets or upholstered furniture lately? Do they seem soiled or dull? Are there mysterious stains that keep reappearing no matter how much blotting and scrubbing is done? Does your home environment have a constant musty or pet odour that you just can’t get rid of?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your carpets are in dire need of intensive cleaning. It means more than just running a vacuum over them or renting one of those small carpet shampooers from the grocery store. What your carpeted floors need is thorough steam cleaning by professional carpet cleaners.

What Exactly is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Also known as hot water extraction, is the process of injecting heated water and cleaning solvent deep into carpeting to loosen surface dirt, kill bacteria, remove carpet stains, and extract allergens. High-powered suction is then used to immediately extract the water, leaving the them clean and dry within an hour.

This method far surpasses surface cleaning techniques like bonnet cleaning or carpet shampooing. The high temperature steam and pressurised water can reach deep down into carpet fibres, lifting all the nasty stuff that regular vacuuming simply cannot touch.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend this method because it’s less harmful.

10 Benefits You Get from Steam Cleaning Carpets

1. Thorough Deep Cleaning

Regular steam cleaning literally blasts away dust, debris, and grime that has settled deep in your carpets. We’re talking layers upon layers of gross stuff like pollen, pet dander, soil particles – even grease and oil residue, all of which have slowly been degrading the condition, color, and comfort of your carpet.

With high temperature water and solutions penetrate each fiber, loosening and dissolving years of buildup. The powerful suction extracts it all out, leaving your carpet fresh, soft, and fluffy again. No more mystery stains or permanent foot traffic patterns!

2. Eliminates Hidden Allergens and Pollutants

Over time, carpets tend to accumulate a lot of hidden pollutants that wreak havoc on your indoor air quality. Dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, cigarette smoke, all of these microscopic irritants get trapped in carpet fibres and eventually are released back into the air you breathe.

The hot steam vapor from carpet cleaning kills house mites on contact and breaks down allergy-causing particles. The high-powered extraction pulls them out completely so they won’t end up back in your home’s air supply and cause allergic reactions.

3. Environmentally Friendly Process

With steam-cleaned carpets, there are no worries about harmful fumes, residuals, or excessive chemical use. The eco friendly cleaning solutions used are just water and natural detergents.

Some advanced systems don’t even use detergent at all! The steam and pressurised hot water do all the work of breaking down stubborn stains. This means you don’t have to expose your family or home to toxic chemicals.

4. Leaves Home Smelling Fresh and Carpets Clean

That funky pet odor that never seems to go away no matter how much Febreze you spray? Steam cleaning will eradicate that too. The hot temperatures actually destroy odor-causing bacteria that have been accumulating in fabric.

Gone are the days of closed doors to conceal smells anytime guests come over. After professional steam cleaning, your home will smell fresh, clean, and inviting for weeks!

5. Extends the Life of Carpets

All of the mud, oils, and traffic that your floors endures on a daily basis takes a toll. When left for too long, they become permanently dulled. The fibers slowly break down under the weight of filth and grime ground into them.

By extracting all of that buildup and remnants, steam rinsing restores vibrancy and strength to the fibers. Your carpets will look newer for longer, saving you money on expensive replacements.

With Regular CleaningWithout Steam Washing
Carpets retain color and softnessThey appear dingy and flatten
Carpet fibers remain strong and plushFibers slowly break down
No need to be replaced for yearsReplacement needed sooner


6. Prevents Growth of Mold and Mildew

Ever dealt with a wet carpet before? Maybe from a spill, leak, or flooding? Then you know how quickly mold and mildew can take root if moisture gets trapped in the padding underneath.

It removes all moisture thoroughly. The high heat dries out carpets rapidly and inhibits future mold growth. With regular professional cleanings, you can keep mildew at bay in your home.

7. Dries Extremely Fast

Some carpet cleaning methods require days of drying time that leaves you shuffling furnishings around on plastic over wet floors. With steam cleaning procedure, your carpets are walk-on ready within an hour after technicians finish.

The quick drying happens for two reasons:

  • Hot water and steam dry rapidly on their own
  • Powerful extraction removes almost all moisture

This means you can get back to your normal routine ASAP without waiting days for soggy carpets to dry!

8. Safe for Home and Health

If you have little kids or pets, you surely appreciate cleaning products that are non-toxic and gentle. It uses primarily just hot water and suction. Any additional detergents used are environmentally friendly.

With minimal use of harsh chemicals, there is no lingering sticky residue left behind. And once fully dry, your carpets are completely safe for children and animals to be on again.

9. Cost Effective

Getting your carpets professionally steam cleaned costs just pennies per square foot. It is far more cost effective than replacing wall-to-wall carpeting, which can run upwards of $10-20 per square foot installed.

By extending the useful life and appearance of your existing carpet, steam extraction provides a great return on investment. A few hundred dollars spent can save you thousands in new flooring costs.

10. Convenient and Quick

One of the best parts of having your carpets steam cleaned professionally is how little work it involves for you. The steam cleaners handle all the equipment and do the dirty work.

You simply need to remove any small fragile items from the rooms, then vacate for a few hours while they work. Within a single day, you go from a dingy, smelly home to fresh, clean carpets again.

Top 10 Benefits of Professionally Steam Cleaned Carpets

Ready For a Steam Clean?

Now that you know all the ways steam carpet cleaning service rejuvenates your floors, rids allergy-causing particles, and protects your home, are you ready to schedule a professional appointment?

Give us a call today to experience these benefits firsthand. We’ll have your dirty carpets looking brand new again in no time!

Our caring technicians take time with each job, ensuring every inch is cleaned and dried thoroughly. Don’t live with lackluster carpets for one more day. Call Wow Carpet Cleaning Sydney now and let us restore the cozy comfort your floors used to have!